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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia. This seed bank is the safest place to buy cannabis seeds for Australians in 2023.  I also run a popular 420 forum and everyday at least 10 Aussies ask the same question everyday:


Where's a safe place to buy cannabis seeds in Australia?


Australians can buy cannabis seeds from the only legit seed bank serving Australia. Visit the Australian Seed Bank Connection

I hope that answers all your questions for the last time mate. If you looking for seed banks that freight to Australia, and the best cannabis strains to grow in Australia then please visit  Aussie Blues Strain. It grows outdoors in the rugged outback like nothing else. If it get's too hot, she'll survive. No rain for weeks and weeks, she'll survive. Even if you have too many pests, she'll keep on growing. She's the most indistructable plant for Australians that is known. For those of you that prefer to grow a more killer strain, you may want to give Girl Scout Cookies a try. It can grow indoors or out, but if you grow outdoors, you can't just plant them and leave them unattended. You will have to take care pest infestations, and feed her water when it doesn't rain. You can find out more below:   buy cannabis seeds

Australia Seed Bank Update

Australia Seed Bank Update has the latest information for the safest place to buy marijuana seeds in Australia. Just watch out for those pesky kangaroo's as they love to eat your plants. The next time you have a hair cut, save your hair because you'll be able to use it as a roo deterant mate. Also taking a pee in a circle around your garden will deter them as well. Anything that is human smelling keeps many rodents away.

Always grow female seeds if you want to grow for buds, males plants are a pain because they'll pollinate not just your garden, but your mates garden tens of miles away too. They is so much pollen floating in the air, it's hard to keep strain pure anymore. Australians grow so much cannabis, they also consume more than they grow. They consume more per person than any other country.