Australian Seed Bank

Australian Seed Bank is the only legit cannabis seed bank in Australia. They have been serving fellow Aussie seeds for almost 20 years without a single incident. They are the safest place to buy from in Australia.

If you would like more information, please visit them directly.

Australian's are the most laid back and by far the most fun people to hang out with. I am so grateful to see my fellow mates travelling all around the world. There's no city yet that I haven't run into my own. It's so wonderful to open a tinny, smoke the latest home grown, enjoy swimming and then having a barbie.

My most favorite strain is Green Crack, it gives me the energy to cook, swim, and socialize. Other strain make me tired, and there's nothing more your fellow mates dislike, is when you complain about being tired.

So grow up a few different strains and see which you prefer best. Aussie Blues is popular, and it's the number 1 selling strain in Australia. Pot of Gold Feminized seeds are also popular.

Another strain that does particularily well in the Australian outback is 420 carat. It's a brand new strain for this Summer, and you're going to love the trichome covered, sticky as heck buds that will glue you trimmers likes there's no tomorrow.

By the time you read this, Cannabis may already be legal in Australia. I'll have to come back soon to keep this page updated, but we should have the final decision next month. There is already a shortage of Cannabis and Cannabis seeds, and prices are going to increase next week, so if you really want seeds,  I wouldn't wait. Even if you're not growing until next year, I'd buy today and save some cash and not risk the possibility of them being sold out.

The global demand for cannabis seeds is far surpassing todays seed bank quotas.  Even with their 400% increase in production this year, they still can't keep up with demand.

So please, I'm telling you for the last time, don;t wait to get your beans, I don't want to hear all the complaints when you're unble to buy them when you need them. Just take the time now and get them ordered mates.